Image via Flickr by dave_7

You spend a lot of time taking care of your classic car, from restoring its original features to keeping up with the unique demands of vintage models. Despite the best care possible, the harsh winter conditions in Owatonna, Minnesota, can be tough on your classic car. These tips can help you keep it in the best shape possible.

1. Store Your Classic Car Inside

If you have an insulated garage or other indoor space you can park your classic car in for the winter, plan on doing so. This might be your best way to protect your car in the winter, as it would be physically removed from harsh conditions that could damage the exterior and avoid issues stemming from freezing the engine. Consider renting out space nearby if you don’t have a place to use at home.

2. Cover It

Use a high-quality cover on your classic car, especially if you must keep it outside. The cover places a physical barrier between the elements and the car’s exterior, preventing a lot of superficial and cosmetic damage. Investing in a car cover is wise, as it even protects your car from direct sunlight in the summer.

3. Schedule Regular Detailing 

Once the winter is over and the threat of snow is gone, start an annual tradition of scheduling a detailing appointment. Whether or not you drove your classic car in the snow this winter or just stowed it, detailing helps mitigate any damage caused to your car from the winter.

4. Maintain It

Make sure that your classic car is up to date with its regular maintenance. The winter’s harsh conditions may cause you to want to skip out on taking your car into the shop in favor of staying warm inside. However, not maintaining your classic car or failing to identify a small issue early on may shorten its life.

5. Rotate Your Regular Transportation

Unless you rely on your classic car as your main way to get around, consider using the family sedan or other vehicle, at least most of the time. By using your classic car less in the winter, it has less exposure to harsh winter elements that may potentially damage it. If you do rely on your classic car to get around, consider utilizing other forms of transportation occasionally to keep your classic car safe and out of the snow.

6. Use Products and Tricks

Fuel stabilizers keep the internal mechanisms of your engine safe while your classic car is in storage. Left alone, ordinary ethanol-based gas erodes internal components and can make it difficult to start a car that’s been left too long with old oil. Using a fuel stabilizer limits the negative effects of winter storage. You’ve already invested a lot of time, money, and effort into your classic car. Don’t let the harsh conditions of the Owatonna winter impact your car. Use a combination of these tips to keep your classic car in the best shape possible all year long.